Agenda Day 2

8:30 AM - 9:00 AM Registration and Coffee

9:00 AM - 9:05 AM Chairperson’s welcome

9:05 AM - 9:25 AM Day One Recap Session

Following a full day of presentations, case studies, interactive discussions, networking sessions and a beer or two, this session will present the opportunity for any delegate to have your say. The audience will be invited to stand at the front and sum up what they have learnt from the day or provide a solution to a problem.

9:25 AM - 10:10 AM Data Transformation: Thriving through the Use of Big Data in a World Where Survival is at Stake

Antonio Alvarez, Head of Data Innovation, ISBAN UK/Santander Group
· Challenges: Internal, regulatory and industry specific
· Data and technology as a solution: Lessons from Hadoop implementation
· Opportunities: Customer engagement, cost structure, new products and business models
· The ultimate goal: Culture and organizational change

Antonio Alvarez

Head of Data Innovation
ISBAN UK/Santander Group

9:50 AM - 10:30 AM Becoming a Big Data-Driven Financial Services Organisation

Simon Hayter, Chief Analytics Officer, Close Brothers Retail Finance
· Establishing a new data operating model based on decision-making
· Defining the roles and responsibilities along with appropriate standards and data governance
· Creating and developing leading-edge architecture: Technology, solutions and flexible structures that can store and analyse
· Embedding a data-driven culture: Innovation mind-set, new business roles, development opportunities and simplifying the message of big data value

Simon Hayter

Chief Analytics Officer
Close Brothers Retail Finance

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM Morning Coffee and Networking Break

11:00 AM - 11:40 AM Customer Analytics: Loyalty and Retention through Customer Analytics: Building Long Term Growth in Customer Engagement

Daniel Ryan, Managing Director, Digital Analytics Catalysts, Swiss Re
· Achieving true differentiation and building exceptional customer loyalty
· Building a customer-centric data strategy to improve customer experience, loyalty and retention
· Identify how to approach customers through behavioural analytics to develop personalised services

Daniel Ryan

Managing Director, Digital Analytics Catalysts
Swiss Re

11:40 AM - 12:20 PM Roundtable Discussion: Big Data and the Business Environment: Real Time Insights for Improved Business Decisions

Huw Roberts, Head of Analytics Services, Zurich
· Understanding the value of evidence-based analysis rather than intuition
· Adopting a data-driven decision making approach based on cost reduction drivers and revenue growth
· Leveraging big data for overall business optimization : Workforce, HR, operational, revenue growth
· Utilising big data to discover new business opportunities as well as drive business & product innovation

Huw Roberts

Head of Analytics Services

12:20 PM - 1:20 PM Lunch and Networking Break

1:20 PM - 2:00 PM Robotic Process Automation: Reducing Costs by Linking Data with Automation

Theo Hill, Head of Data & Technology Strategy, UBS

Theo Hill

Head of Data & Technology Strategy

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM Pricing Analytics, Competiveness and Adapting to Market Changes

Jason Cabral, Group Head of Pricing and Management Information, Zenith Insurance
· Enhanced forecasting capabilities through analytics and create access to key insights for current competitor pricing and product demand
· Optimising business operations by responding to the changing market dynamics
· Highlighting the methodology and tools that enable effective and consistent cost reduction
· Using analytics to tailor pricing to certain customers without impacting the profit margin
· Attracting new customers through competitive pricing strategies

Jason Cabral

Group Head of Pricing and Management Information
Zenith Insurance

2:40 PM - 3:10 PM Afternoon Tea and Networking Break

3:10 PM - 3:50 PM Developing an Effective Data Governance Implementation and Management Framework

· Drivers for and the benefits of data governance
· Challenges of operating in an industry that is highlight regulated and subject to continuous reporting requirement changes
· Creating the data governance framework: Roles and responsibilities
· Developing policies, principles and processes
· Ongoing management: Techniques to help identify and eliminate any potential issues and adapt accordingly

3:50 PM - 4:20 PM Leveraging Machine Learning and Predictive Data Analytics

Tim Pitt, Director of Data, Analytics, & Pricing, XL Caitlin
· Reviewing the various models for predictive data analytics applications: Price, risk assessment, customer behavior and document classification
· Improving accuracy of predictions and automating decisions
· Enabling customer behavioural predictions and providing a personalized service

Tim Pitt

Director of Data, Analytics, & Pricing
XL Caitlin

3:50 PM - 4:00 PM Chairperson’s Closing Remarks and Conference Close