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Market Report: Big Data & Analytics for Financial Services - Trends, Challenges and Priorities

This report, produced by Data Analytics IQ, surveyed over 100 professionals in the financial services industry in order to gauge the latest trends and activity when it comes to implementing big data programmes – including the specific strategies and technologies under consideration.

As these results demonstrate, while most organisations are yet to start production of their big data programmes, there is keen interest from most to seize the benefits of the tools and services that are becoming increasingly available. Big data is not a shortcut to success but is, according to those involved in the business, set to be a leading enabler for improved efficiency, cost-savings and customer engagement. Download the report for exclusive insight...

Are Financial Services Coping with Big Data?

Possibly as a result of increasingly competitive customer experience efforts in other markets, customers now expect a more personalised service from their banks than ever before, and one with more assurances that they are getting the best deal. The recession has not only made the customer more cautious when it comes to investment – regulators have also taken on a more involved and stringent route approach to oversight. Financial Services are therefore relying more on the benefits of Big Data to help them move forward. But is the market coping? From resourcing to security, there is more than enough to be concerned about...

Disclaimer: All views expressed in this article are those of the individuals cited and do not necessarily reflect those of Barclays, USB, or any other organisation.

Selected Presentations 2015-16: Big Data Analytics for Financial Services

Ahead of the Big Data & Analytics for Financial Services event, this eBook compiles several of the presentations on offer last year, with tips, stats and advice you can glean for improvement right now. What makes this event different is that it is a meeting focused on high-level, peer to peer networking with a focus on real life case studies, roundtables and panel discussions...[Read more]

Please note that this is a large document (6.45MB). Allow time to download.

Barclays' Secrets to Create a Risk Aware Culture

Vinita Ramtri, Head of Conduct Risk at Barclays Wealth and Investment Management, reveals how the Bank is developing and embedding its conduct risk aware culture. Vinita addresses the challenges and provides her top tips in managing conduct risk. You will also get a glimpse into two of Barclays’ latest Big Data initiatives, which are helping to assist its customers through new innovative analytics, insights and services.

Big Data Benchmarking Report 2016: PEX Network

Various sources of information are providing companies access to unprecedented amounts of data, whether they come from management systems, customer data, customer feedback, market data, or social media. While Big Data offers the promise of unprecedented insight into business operations and customers it also poses a number of new challenges.

This special report, featuring original research data and interviews with leading practitioners and experts in the field,  looks at the ways that companies are tackling the challenges and opportunities for companies to effectively convert, use and maximize the value of data collected into real business value.

The journey towards an effective big data programme will be one of the key lines of discussion at this year's Big Data & Analytics for Financial Services conference...Download the full annual report today!

Big Data In Financial Services: Trend Analysis

In comparison to last year’s results in our research report – a higher level of big data programmes seem to be in production. However, the vast majority of our research respondents remain at the start of their big data journeys with 43% in experimental phases and 30% on their first proof of concept venture. A range of other big data trends emerged from the results of our 2017 research report, namely fraud, machine learning and innovation within financial services. Ahead of the Big Data Analytics For Financial Services 2017 event we explored these market trends.


Customer Analytics with Barclays

At last year's conference, Payal Jain & Di Black from Barclays walked our audience through the process of using customer analytics for an array of benefits, from saving costs to doing what's right for the customer and saving time. Filled with statistics and graphs, this presentation will help you see the true value of customer data and come up with ideas for your own business.

Improving Sales and Retention Using Innovation in Targeting and Big Data Analytics

Shlomi Cohen, Head of Analytical CRM at Bank Hapoalim, spoke at last year's Big Data for Financial Services summit about using customer analytics to improve revenue and numbers. He showed our audience the benefits and methods of automated predictive analytics, and he put everything in this comprehensive and informative presentation. Download now, and you will feel like you were there!

Knowing Your Customer

Craig Parfitt, Head of Analytics and Management Information, ACE European Group Ltd, spoke in 2012 about the importance of understanding the customer and offering them the correct products. Download his presentation now.


2017 Market Report: Big Data Analytics For Financial Services

The big data task is large when it comes to the financial services industry, which has traditionally suffered from uncertainties on how to translate and utilise the digital flood of information. However, the big data analytics rewards are great for a market which strives for higher returns on investments and profit margins. Big data programmes are steering the financial services industry, it fuels customer intelligence, is crucial to reducing risk and provides transparency and foresight for meeting compliance objectives.

This 2017 report surveyed over 100 data analytics experts from across financial services landscape for the latest trends and innovations when it comes to succesfully implementing big data programmes – including the specific strategies and technologies under consideration. In addition, this year we venture to explore GDPR readiness and catch forecasts from the base on where they perceive the big data wave will take the financial services industry next.